Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Can The 80 Year Old Woman Who Stole My Back Please Give It Back?!!

So, I had all good intentions this morning with regards to my health kick. I was going to walk to the White Rose this afternoon then walk the 2 miles back uphill for school and would feel all fit and healthy once I got home. However, during an argument with Emily this morning about toothpaste, the left side of my back went into spasm! Great!

Ironically, I already had a doctor's appointment this afternoon to discuss my spine of glass, as it's been painful every day since Xander was born, and after 8 1/2 months I thought enough's enough! Plus, I've tried everything in the book over the years and it's still no better. So now, aswell as a dicky spine, I've got some nice spasming muscles for the doc this afternoon too!

Plus, lifting 10 tonne Terry isn't helping. Don't suppose there's any chance he'll learn how to walk and get in and out of his cot on his own today?!

Honestly, can you imagine what I'll be like when I'm 80?!


Marie said...

Nice photo of you Lou - doing that's probably not helping your back any ;) :P

Hope you get on okay at the docs.

love M

Lou said...

Pah! That's nothing! Just a little stretch I do as soon as I get out of bed! Should see me when I really get going!