Thursday, 28 June 2007

Get Well Soon Lillie

Please send get well wishes to my friend Stef's rottweiler Lillie. The poor thing has been in and out of the vets with leg problems and they found out yesterday that she has bone cancer in one of her back legs. So, tomorrow they're going to amputate it and give her a bout of chemo, so hopefully she can get back to being my footrest when I go round and dribbling all over me!

Get well soon Lillie, Auntie Lou sends big cuddles to you and mummy and daddy!


Rach said...

Awwww poor Lillie - get well soon!

Stef, Tony & Lillie said...

Lou my friend!!!!!

Too much wine I'm afraid!!!! Bloody commented on the wrong bit!!!

What a lovely little blog for my Lillie!!!!

Rach, thank you!!!

Stef, Tony & Lillie said...

My girl is the bravest & strongest girl in the world!!!!!

She had the op yesterday, she's back on her 3 feet today!!!!!!! Yey!!!!!

Auntie Lou, lots of slobbering kisses!!!!

Lou said...

Oooh Lil, lots of slobbering right back at ya!! Glad you're OK babe!! Snogs! xxxxxxxxx