Friday, 29 June 2007

Happy Memories!

I've been wanted to scrapbook this picture for ages and have had it sat on my craft table for weeks now! The I found a perfect sketch for it on Pencillines and so, while Mum took Billy Jim for a walk this afternoon I got cracking.

For some of you out there, you might remember this day 8 years ago and may have remembered this photo being taken. It's of Mum, Nan and I on my wedding day (you'd never guess from my get up would you?!) and I really love it so was really excited when I found a spare copy as I knew I could scrap it! Sadly Nan is no longer here but it's such a lovely photo to remember her by and she was so happy that day as she worshipped the ground Rob walked on! I swear, if me and Rob ever got divorced I'd be without a family as they'd all go with him!

In other news, good news from Stef, Lillie got through her operation OK and they're hoping to bring her home on Monday. Yay!

Got a nice weekend lined up (even though the weathermen don't seem to be in on the act!). Tomorrow we're going for tea (and a few cheeky vinos!) at Shane and Ally's house. They have 2 kids, Amber who's 3 and Jacob who's 2, so it might be fairly chaotic when you throw our 2 into the mix too! But, no doubt me and Al will be laid on the sofa with a cheeky Pinot Grigio to numb the pain!

Then on Sunday, we're driving to Lincolnshire for Grandad's RAF reunion service. He, Clare, Kim and Richard are there for the whole weekend, but we're going over to see the spitfire and Lancaster bomber (which is what Grandad used to fly) flyovers, and to catch up with everyone. Should be a really fun day!

Oh btw Rach, would Scott like me to send him some pics of the planes? I've seen them before and they're fantastic!

Nighty night!


Mum said...

I have fantastic memories of this day. I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life, I think I smiled all day and everything seemed rosy, even being left at Oakwell Hall while all the guests drank my champagne!!! This photo is fantastic and I love it. What happy memories and I am so pleased Louise included it in her scrapbook as it is permanently in mine!!

Stef & Tony said...

cheers my friends!!!!

Lots of love, your mates the sowdens!!!!!!

Marie said...

Hi hun :)

Gorgeous LO for a great photo. I love it!

I'm back home btw.... the threat of torrential rains for an entire weekend was enough to make us come home early :)

love M

Ally said...

had a fab night, didnt have the pinot but 2 bottles of soave and 1 rose, as always had a good catch up and a fab time!!!

Rach said...

Love the LO Lou - gorgeous!

Scott would love some piccies of the planes!


Lou said...

Al - Had such a lovely day, than you!

Rach - Consider it done (weather permitting!)