Friday, 1 June 2007

So, we have a blog!

So, we have a blog! Still working it all out (with the help of a friend!!) so don't have pics etc yet, but hopefuly we'll get there! So, I suppose I should post something about the lives of the Leeds branch!

So, today has been the end of a very long half term week! Actually it's not been a bad week, just tiring! While Rob slaved away in his office, me and the kids went to Ripon and spent the day with Ally and Elise in the park! We had a lovely picnic (thanks Al!!) and the girls ran between climbing trees to pretending that the band stand was ther princess castle!! Xander did lots of crawling and looking at Simba the dog as if to say 'That's a bloody big cat!!'

Anyway, just a quick post to start as I have lots of work to do on here! Will post more soon!


Marie said...

YEY!!! Welcome to the totally addictive world of blogging! It's fun to share your mindless ramblings with the world - and I should know because mine are definitley mindless and do ramble.



love M

Lou said...

Oooh, my first comment!! I'm so excited!

How does this work then Marie, me stalking you and you stalking me? Surely we'll be going round in circles!!

Rach said...

Yay another blog to add to my faves!

Love the title hee hee hee

Off to add a link from mine xx

Fiona said...

Hello, blogger! I'm impressed

Fiona x

Jaime said...

It's all downhill from here!! :)

(JJ&L from BW)

Kay said...

What is a blog????? ahhhh only just learnt to text..... Will have to let Scott teach me

Love K

Lou said...

Oooh, hello there all my commenters!! I am loving this blogging business!

Kay, thought this one would confuse you!!

Stef said...

Woman!!! What you doing to me????? You know me & computers, I had to get a chuffing google account sorted to post this!!! I'm sweating & shaking with techno fear now!!!!!!!

Lou said...

Sorry hun but I never thought in a million years you'd even look at it! Anyway, have made it so you can comment without a Google account so you can delete it and start breathing again!!

Kay said...

Nice photos

PS I got O in the Park tickets Lou

Lou said...


Oh yay, that's great! Let me know what I owe you and I'll dig out my ball gown!!

Auntie Gemma said...

Wait til I tell Tatey he is on t'internet in your scrapbook!