Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Aaaahhh, Slash!!!

So, last night was the big gig and it certainly lived up to expectations!! Yes, Rob took me to see Slash's band Velvet Revolver as my birthday present over in Manchester. Now, for those of you who have known me since my teens, the guy's face was plastered all over my bedroom walls (still would be if I didn't have to share a bedroom these days!) and so I was very excited to see the curly haired top hatted one!

We had an extra treat before the gig even started as we were stood at the back of the venue when Slash's car turned up so got to see him go in. It was a bit surreal actually, after 20 years there he suddenly was infront of me and I wasn't quite sure what to do!! As a 30 something mother of two, do I scream in a rock star's face and then faint or not?! I chose not!

Anyway, we were near the front for the start of the gig but unfortunately, at our age, an unconditioned auditorium full of hot sweaty men on a warm summers day didn't really cut it so we moved back a bit after the first few songs! But, all in all it was a great gig, they were just so good and we really enjoyed it.

Took lots of photos and video but they haven't come out too well so I'm going to have a look round online for some press pics to post later.


Rach said...

Glad you had a good time Lou, hope you've calmed down! LOL!

Marie said...

Hi Hun. Hope you've recovered from your close encounter with the be-haired one :) Glad you had a good time hun. Love M

Anonymous said...

You know when he got out of his car? He had just left me @ my house!!!!

As for your "thirty something" Go on Ms Carrie Bradshaw!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gaaaaagggghhhhh!!!! I can't even leave a chuffing comment right, tis Stef, slashes actual bird!!!!!!

Lou said...

Stef - Just left your house? Make no wonder he had a disappointed look on his face!!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!! Yes, disappointed cos he had JUST LEFT ME!!!!!!!!!! :)