Sunday, 17 June 2007

Star Of The Week!!

Oooh, I'm so proud of my little girl, she got 'star of the week' at school for the second time this year! It's awarded to the child who's tried the hardest that week and apparently, according to Emily, she got it even though she was told off for "chitter chattering" on Friday!! Emily? Never!!

In other education related news, I received a letter from the Open University telling me I was being awarded full credit for my HND, and so only have to do the 3rd year of my degree!! Yay!! It was such great news as if not, I'd have had to do more courses and I might have been graduating with my son!

Rob's had a lovely Father's Day, even being bounced on by Emily this morning to open his presents! Him and Xander have been having some boy time as I've been ferrying Emily to parties galore all weekend. The girl's social diary is amazing!


Marie said...

Go Emily!! :)

Chitterchattering??? The perfect description of a certain young lady I know and love - you just KNOW that's Gracie in a couple of years too!! LOL.

love M

Laura said...

AWW! well done emily you little star!!!
How impressed are you lou, i'm on the internet!!!!

love Laura

Rach said...

Yay Emily!!! That's fantastic! I'm sure Charlotte's school reports are going to say - talks too much! hee hee hee!

Lou said...

Laura? It's funny, I have a cousin called Laura but she's allergic to computers!!