Friday, 15 June 2007

Mamma Mia! Em & Char's Pizzeria!!

So, as promised, here are Rach's pics of Emily and Charlotte and the birth of their pizzeria franchise! Rach and I have decided that they should open them in Italy so that we can fly out and offer our support to our little enterpreneurs (sp?! some bloody teacher I'll make!)! Of course, we don't want to be interfering mothers so we'll just stay at the villa by the pool and send moral support!

So, today has been another soggy day oop North! Can't believe how persistant this rain is, it's just not stopped for days! So, we have done indoorsy stuff today. Did some exercise this morning while Xander had his nap (monthly weigh in next week, aarrggghhh!!!), then this afternoon we went to see my friend Bonny and her baby Hunter. It was nice to catch up and Xander was fascinated by Hunter but kept trying to poke him in the eye!

When we got home, we sat and watched Poseidon (Rob and I watched it the other day but I love disaster films and wanted to watch it again!). Xander was gripped by it! Whilst we watched that, I made father's day cards for Rob and my dad and finished Rob's father's day pressie. (Ssshhh!!!)

This weekend we're Xander proofing the house! Rob's down at Argos as we speak buying safety gates galore!

Have a good un everyone!


Rach said...

Sitting by the pool sounds like a fab idea to me - we'll be chief tasters! xx

Marie said...

I don't know if Gracie can do pizza - but I'm sure she could pour a mean Cosmopolitan if she put her mind to it.... CAN WE COME TOO PLEASE???!! love M

Rach said...


What can we get the boys to do?

This isn't child labour is it? LOL!