Monday, 4 June 2007


We've had Marie, Gracie and Ewan over today for a pic-er-nic (as Gracie says!!). I've not seen Marie for a couple of months, even though I do talk to her daily, so it was good to catch up with my old BW/scrapbooking buddy!! Plus, she brought me treats, namely some scrapping paper and some fantastic muffins, which we had with a nice cuppa after the picnic!!

Anyway, Emily was her usual charming self (not!) so poor Gracie was getting bossed around quite a lot. The boys played really well together and it was great to see them interacting (Ewan's only 4 days younger than Xander). Xander's just got to that age now where he's noticing other babies and it's so cute to see!!

Anyway, thank you Marie for a lovely afternoon and for the scrummy muffins!

Just off over to Marie's blog now to copy the recipe so will test them out on everyone!!


Marie said...

Hi Hun

It was great seeing you all today and Grace had a great time (she was worn out in the car on the way home though - must have been all that screeching they did in the last 10 minutes!).

Feel free to blame the muffin-comsumption levels on me ;)

love M

Rach said...

Oooh you had a lurrrrvly day for a picnic! xxx

Jaime said...

sooo jealous that you two can get together regularly!!

(although perhaps more jealous that you got to taste those muffins! LOL)