Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Medics Age Xander By 7 Months In 5 Minutes!!

So, had my appointment with the GP. Basically they can't medically do anything else, it's a common problem with mums of young kids with all the picking up, carrying etc. She's shown me some more physio exercises to do (which i should be on with instead of blogging!!) and told me to take up swimming (er, when?).

Funniest part was when she was talking about me lifting Xander. She said, "How old is he, about 15 months?". "Er, no, 8 1/2 months". To which she replied "Really?! I make no wonder you've got a bad back then?!"

Right, off to do a few yoga stretches (see below!!)


Rach said...

Are you stuck in that yoga pose Lou? Ouch!

Poor Xan - 15 months! She's not suggesting he needs to join us in our healthy living programme is she? xx

Marie said...

Crikey - if she thinks Xander looks 15 months Ewan would look about 3 to her!!

Get doing those stretches lady - we need you in fighting form for when we have our rescheduled night out!
love M