Saturday, 1 August 2009

Chop Chop!

Em and I had a little hairdresser's trip yesterday. Although she had lovely long hair:

It was getting really hard to control as it got very tangled (and she always got food in it somehow!). So it was agreed that once she'd been a bridesmaid we would get it cut. So yesterday we went to the hairdressers and she loved it, felt very grown up having her hair washed, cut and blow dried (oh and straighteners and shine spray!) and here's the result, a nice new sleek shiny do for Em:

And, in a complete turnaround for me, I scrapped the pictures on the same day (OK, still have Em's baby pics to be scrapped!):

So hopefully, we'll have less hairbrushing arguments now every morning!


Rach said...

Looking good Emily!

Charl is growing her fringe out at the moment and it is at that stupid in between stage - too long to leave alone, too short to clip back properly!

Marie said...

Fab new do Miss Em! Hopefully that'll mean less ouchies in the morning brushing.