Monday, 3 August 2009

This Week I Will Be Mainly...

A new little featurette for a Monday blog post. In an aim to be super organised and look to the future, I'm going to be setting myself little goals every week to try and help me cram it all in!

So, first up is this week, my goal is to get this finished:

I'm halfway through the last in the Twilight series and I'm so excited. It's at that stage where anything could happen! I'm also on a bit of a deadline as I borrowed the books from Marie, who I'm seeing on Friday, and would like to give her them all back (Marie can read a book in an hour so I'm sure she is not quite sure why it's taken me since May!).
Also this week I will be having another shot at this:

We have a new recruit too so hopefully I won't feel so uncoordinated on my own!
This week I also have a super top secret crafty project to finish. Started it last night and so looking forward to seeing how it turns out!
This week I am also hoping to at least make a dent in the jeans quilt (that was started, ahem, at Xmas!).
This week we also have playdates with Mandy and the girls, then on Friday this motley-looking crue (there's the rock chick coming out!) are getting together:

However, as it's been 2 1/2 years since we've all been together, there is now the addition of this little miss:

3 mums, 7 kids? The odds ain't looking good for any form of sanity to be left by the weekend! Luckily I have a day of scrapping on Saturday to ease my frayed nerves!
And if that isn't enough, I'm debating a little trip to The Deep on Sunday! Sitting down? Sleeping? Over-rated if you ask me! ;)

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Marie said...

You know what I love about that photo? That we've all got the wrong children!! LOL.

I can't wait for Friday hun, it'll me nice to catch up in person again instead of via pooter like usual.