Sunday, 2 August 2009

I Think Elton Got It Wrong

Elton John sang 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word' but I have to disagree, I think Goodbye is the hardest word.

I'm very blessed when it comes to friends, I have many good friends and I am constantly grateful for that. My friends are very important to me which is why today is so hard. My close friend (and neighbour and fellow scrapper) is moving today. Not only is she moving house she is moving country, back to South Africa!

We've not known her and her hubby Marc too long, they only moved in 3 years ago, but when it comes to friendship it is definately quality and not quantity that counts. Lauren was the one who looked after my kids when I had the emergency op, was straight up here arguing with doctors on the phone when I had the pneumonia. We've had lots of lovely scrapping dates, she's brought me wonderful scrapping goodies from her travels and we've had some lovely evenings with a cheeky bottle (or 4) of red with her and Marc!

Then last year they added this little cutie to their family, who Auntie Lou absolutely adores:

But, Lauren misses her family back in SA so much (and I don't blame her, I've met them and they're wonderful!) so they're moving back there. The house is packed up and the furniture is setting sail on a ship, so today Lauren, Marc and Abi are heading down to spend some time with Marc's parents before they fly out. Which means the dreaded 'G' word for us.

Rob's taken the kids to his mum's today (assignment deadline looming so Clare's having Em for a few days, thanks MIL!) so we went down to L&M's this morning so he and the kids could say good bye. I took my camera so we could get some parting shots. Abi and Lauren having fun in the empty house:

Rob and Marc having a manly goodbye - ie talking about boilers and stop cocks!

Me and my lovely friend:

Emily gives the girls a hug goodbye:

And Xander and Marc have a manly hug:

And finally, Lauren and I with our offspring. Although they now won't grow up together I hope they all keep intouch over the years.

So, I still have to go and wave them off and I can already feel the tears building up. However, we've already started pricing up flights to SA next summer and they will be back visiting to see Marc's parents, so I'm determined it's only good bye for now!
Good luck Lauren, Marc and Abi and thank you for being truely wonderful friends!

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