Sunday, 9 August 2009

Pic-Er-Nic #2

Friday it was time for another pic-er-nic. Xander's tummy was absolutely fine so we drove over the hills to meet up with Marie, Rach and their broods at Stockley Farm.

Rach was a little delayed so we caught the tractor down to the farm to meet her later:

And had a lovely pic-er-nic in the sunshine:
After a bit of tractor trouble Rach and Scott arrived with the kids and off we went to see the animals. Cam and Charlotte stroked the cows:

And Charlotte was happy to pose for a pic with Auntie Lou! :P

They all had fun feeding the animals:

Though Caitlin prefered to feed herself toys instead:

And then the girls had fun playing in the sun:

And the boys were a little tired so we got them strapped down:

It was lovely to see Marie, Rach and all the munchkins, it's a long time since we've got them all together. Unfortunately this was my last day flying solo with the kids on a day out. A 2:1 ratio with a dicky ticker isn't really working out with the 'nothing strenuous' instructions from my cardio, so it's days in with dvds for the rest of the holidays. However, I'm glad I got to see my old BW buddies while I had chance.


Tara said...

WHY do some of my favourite BW-ers live across the pond!? No FAIR!

Lou said...

Get yourself a plane ticket hun! Better still, get me, Marie and Rach a ticket over there! ;)