Friday, 14 August 2009

The End of a Toddler Era...But the Start of A Superhero One?

Bit of a sad morning yesterday. Xander and I have gone to a toddler group every Thursday morning for the last 2 years now. However, now I'm going back to work full time, it's something we're having to give up so yesterday was Xander's last day. :(

It's a wonderful group, mainly due to the lady, Yvonne, that runs it. She puts so much effort in and always goes that extra mile with Xmas parties, Easter egg hunts, teddy bear
s picnics etc. And she only charges £1 each which is an absolute bargain (and in with that we get toast, a drink and a biscuit!). So it was with a heavy heart we said goodbye.

Xander's favourite toy there is the train set which he plays on constantly (Yvonne's even offered for us to keep it at our house between groups!):

Though he always breaks off for toast (and had a chat with Yvonne yesterday!):

And then breaks off from that for juice and biscuit time!

So, end of an era there, just another sign that my baby is a baby no more.
I wasn't going to post these next pics but they're just too cute not to! For Xander's birthday next month, we're having a fancy dress party. I've been debating what to dress Xander up in but wasn't quite sure. Then yesterday, Rob comes home with a bag of clothes from his colleague Rebecca (they're her son's old clothes, not hers! :P) and what was inside but this:

How cute?! Xander LOVED it and quickly struck his super hero pose!

I didn't want to spoil what Xander was going to his party in but how could I not post these pics?! Thanks so much Rebecca, you've made a little super hero very happy! :)


Marie said...

Very adorable. Sports candy at the ready!!

I have NO idea what I'm putting my two in. Bloomin' fancy dress!! I can go off people you know :P

Juicy3675 said...

OMG he looks so cute!!! Do you want to borrow a Stephanie cos you know how Rich loves his pink

Clair@Obstinate Pursuit said...

I'm not sure how crafty your friends are Lou, but I saw this tutorial on How To Make A Superhero Cape and immediately thought of you and your upcoming party :)