Monday, 10 August 2009

This Week I Will Be Mainly...

...sat here (hopefully!).

I got the grand total of 45 minutes sat here last night. I was hoping for longer by watching Sunday night TV on the pooter (2 hours of House AND scrapbooking? Bliss!), but Sky obviously think that £25 a month subscription isn't enough so wanted me to pay! Er, nope! So I decamped to the sofa and scrapped there. Can't show what I was doing as their Xmas gifts (yup, I said the 'X' word again!) but here's a sneak peak:

That's all you're getting!
Anyway, this week there is a minibook challenge over at UKS. Every day there's new mini book project to do. I doubt I can get them all completed but if I can get the basic books made that would be good! There were some taster classes last week and I made this to send to Lauren:

It's called a circular squash book and opens out to this:

So, last week's TWIWBM was to finish Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer, which I did last night. The original deadline was Friday but with assignments etc, that didn't happen. However it was finished in the week so a success me thinks! This week I'm reading A Bit of Earth by Rebecca Smith, which is a bit of a shorter book than last week's!
There's still plenty of uni work this week but the pressure's off a bit after my assignment result. And of course belly dancing (which I checked off last week's list). No play dates (thank goodness!) but lots of rain so joyous days in with the kids instead!
At the weekend we're heading off to see Ally, Steve and Elise who we haven't seen for ages, then maybe a trip to The Deep on Sunday (which we didn't do last week due to a case of 'can't be ar*ed'!).
I did check off the crop on Saturday, here's what got done. The first LO was for the UKS monthly challenge where the subject was 'Last':

I stole, er I mean lifted, an idea I'd seen over at Marie's blog to make this 3D effect:

I then did the UKS weekly challenge from UKS which was to use a travel theme, purple and ribbon. This picture from Antigua was perfect for it:

Right, so I suppose I'd better crack on with my list, watch this space!


Marie said...

Loving the LOs and the mini book.

Be speaking to you in about 50 minutes....just about to drop the kids off and head to work. Put kettle on, won't you? ;)


Clair@Obstinate Pursuit said...

Oooh. Get you. Youre layouts are lovely Lou. I really must do some more scrapping - I've not done much crafting for the last week or so - feeling the itch! :)

kim & co. said...

You manage to get so much done all the time! I love the mini-album--that is just awesome. I haven't ever tried something like that--seems a little too complicated, but you keep tempting me.