Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Craft Frustration!

So, this morning, Rob packs the kids off in the car to go to Grandma's and I sit down with my breakfast and log onto UKS to see what today's mini book of the day is and see this little guy staring out at me:

So cute and it's Xander's birthday next month and he absolutely NEEDS one!

Then postie arrives with this little stash:

Luscious sparkly fat quarters that I'd ordered to make a mermaid doll for my friend's little girl.

And then last night I sat and sorted out all the remaining pictures for Gemma and Dave's scrapbook and got ideas jotted down for all the pages. And I finally got an idea for Trina's circle journal about the lovely Miss Chloe.

So, kid free day, all these projects and what am I doing? Blooming studying that's what! Why oh why oh why?! It's getting soooooo boring too and all I want to do is craft but apparently you need to do work to get those degree things so my little crafty stash is on the desk where I can neither see it or hear it calling! 'Lou....come and make us...!'

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