Monday, 17 August 2009

This Week I Will Be Mainly...

...going to visit this fella:

Later this week, the Garlics will be decamping to Paris and namely Disneyland! Why I chose to spend a few days with even more excitable kids is beyond me, but down south we will be heading!

We've never driven to France before, especially not with the munchkins, so we'll be breaking up the journey with a few visits. On the way down we're stopping off to visit Rob's Grandad for some lunch. Will be lovely to see him and spend a few hours with him. Then on the way back we will be stopping in London to see Zoe. Not seen her since my birthday so will be good to catch up. We're also hoping to catch up with Marc and Lauren (who are down south waiting for work visas to come through) while we're in the area.

Also assignment time yet again (think it may have to come to Disney with me). Good news is though that all the coursework is now done, phew! This next assignment is quite a bog standard one but then I have a massive end of course assignmnet to do before I finish.

Still on with the same book (UKS mini books kept me from reading quite a lot last week!) but hoping to finish that and re-read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Now I've seen the Half Blood Prince it seems like a good time to re-read the last book, read it in a bit of a hurry last time so will be good to take my time over it.

Still mini books this week, plus am in the middle of making some dolls for birthday pressies.
Oh, and I suppose I should pack....
Watch this space for 300+ pictures of the munchkins chasing Disney characters, pen and autograph book in hand!

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