Tuesday, 18 August 2009

How To Stuff A Mermaid's Tail!

I have quite a few doll orders at the moment, lots of little girls with birthdays coming up who have asked me to make various things. I finished the first one last night, Ariel from The Little Mermaid for a girl who turns 6 in a couple of weeks:

Completely different doing a mermaid doll. I did get asked the other night by Rob why I was sewing legs to a mermaid doll. Hmmmm, good point! So, off with her legs then working out how to make and attach a tail; little bit fiddly but eventually it got stuffed and attached!

Mind you, how I got any crafting done is beyond me: my crafting space has been invaded:

Yes, it would seem I can I have nowt! The lure of paper and glue are just too much for toddlers it would seem!

Emily, who was supposed to be crafting with me, was out in the garden, helping plant the vegetable garden (FINALLY!) which was originally supposed to be Xander's job!

So apparently in about a month we can look forward to home grown spinach, spring onions and carrots! Oooh, they'd go lovely with stuffed fish! :P


Clair@Obstinate Pursuit said...

I totally rock your sense of humour Lou. That doll looks fab, by the way. You should have your own little crafting empire!

michele said...

aww bless Lou fabulous mermaid she is perfect! hugs mx