Thursday, 6 August 2009

Pic-Er-Nic #1 - well it almost went to plan...

Finally, we have a bit of decent weather here! After weeks of damp and dismal grey skies, the sun is shining and the forecast is good! Good job we had a couple of pic-er-nics planned to take advantage of the sunshine!

However, if there's one thing that's as unreliable as the weather, it's my children! We set off this morning to meet Mandy and the kids for a picnic at Temple Newsam. TN is the perfect place to go on a sunny day (as the carpark proved!). We got there, set up and had our little picnic, Xander wolfed his juice down (3 cartons of the stuff) but he made the potty every time (yes, I did carry a potty with me!).

Molly did a bit of people watching ("Mum, why does Auntie Lou have a potty in her bag?!")

Emily and Ella caught up and then went for a run around the field:

Then it was off to the farm to of course, see the piggies!

And the 'chickens' that Xan was so desperate to see (sssshhh, don't let on!):

And a rather odd looking cockerel:

We then went to have a look at how they made flour in the old days in a little mill. 'Oooh, that flour smells a bit crappy' says Mandy. Er, nope, that would be my son! So, off me and Xander went to find a loo, which to be fair wasn't too far away, but by the time we got!
I used to measure Xander's nappies in number of wipes used. The worst we've ever had has been a 10 wiper...up til today! Xander smashed all records with a 25 wiper! Er Xander darling, I think it may be home time.
So, apologies to Mandy but a farm full of kids and one nasty tummy ain't a good mix. So, we came home, Xander falls asleep so I lay him on the sofa, my poor boy. And when he wakes up...wolfs down his tea and runs round the house like a maniac for 2 hours! How do they do that?!
I'm just hoping he's better tomorrow for pic-er-nic #2 (and if I have enough wipes left! :P)

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Juicy3675 said...

25? blimey mate.. rather you than me on that