Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Bluebell Trail

We, as English people know how to moan. In fact, it is our birth right to moan, especially about England. No one else is allowed to diss our great nation, but we love nothing better than reeling off long lists about what's wrong with living on this island.

So, every now and then it's nice to find something that we love about England and that we wouldn't get anywhere else in the world. Yesterday, Emily told me she was glad we lived in this country as we could be in the city one minute, then out in the country the next. How very observant of her! Indeed, where we live, we can be slap bang in the centre of the city in 10 minutes and a 30 minute walk will get you to the nearest shopping mall.

However, on the opposite end of the scale, we can literally walk to the end of the street and see this: Our (very) local woods are lovely, but look amazing a couple of times a year. First of all in the snow, looks like a scene from Narnia (as I blogged here) and this time of year we get a swarm of bluebells. They don't last long but they look wonderful while they're here! For the past couple of evenings, we've taken the kids for a walk and today I took my camera along (the scene's a scrapbooker's dream I tell you!):

On top of that, once we got to the other end of the wood, we found the blossom trees starting to shed their flowers; more photo ops!

Sigh! So lovely.

However, along with the idyllic scene, we had to have a bit of fun too! Here's Emily and Xander's latest came 'To The Resue!'. I love how Xan has to play the damsel in distress and Emily the hero!

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Trina said...

awww what a gorgous place! Your kids are so cute, playing damsel in distress in reverse lol (i bet it won't last that way round for long!)