Thursday, 28 May 2009

A Little Nostalgia! **UPDATED**

I'm a sentimental old soul and I always get really nostalgic when big family occassions are coming up. So, with my cousin Laura getting married on Saturday and my sister Gemma tying the knot 2 weeks after that, you can imagine nostalgia is in overdrive!

Me, Gem, Laura and her bruv Matt were all dragged up together and we spent a lot of time together over our childhood years. In 3 weeks time we'll all be married and settled (was going to add mature but who am I kidding! :P). So, I asked my mum yesterday if she had any pics of us all from back then...and today I went over for a bit of a scanning spree!
So, to start, this is Laura, my sis, me and Matt circa about 1981:

This was probably the same year (that dress was a bridesmaid dress when I was 7 so I'm guessing so!). Can't believe how much Laura looks like our lovely Evie here:

And to think, this little girl will be a married woman on Saturday:

Here's some of the respectable older generations. l-r Auntie Di (mother of the bride), Auntie Claire (her of dancing hen night fame), my mum (mother of the bride too) and my late Nan, bless her:

This was taken on Boxing Day (mum's birthday) when we would always have our big family party:
A few notes here: Uncle Trev, what on earth's with that 'tache; mother, what on earth's with those tights; and to self, what the hell's going on with your hair?!

My mum then showed me another one from Xmas past. But mum, I'm grown up here, that's not possibly a long time ago. Until she pointed out that in the picture is my 19-year-old cousin Jess! God have I really been an adult that long?!

So, that's the trip down memory lane for now, will be interesting to see how we all compare on the photos on Saturday!

***UPDATE*** My sister just emailed me this classic!


Anonymous said...

i hate that basin haircut mum used to make me have!

Anonymous said...

plus, is Auntie Claire wearing hold up stockings on that photo of us all sat down????????

Lou said...

She is the saucy moo!

Anonymous said...

I also have a close up of Auntie Claire's hold ups but daren't publish in case she comes back with an even more embarassing photo of me!! Gem/Lou basin haircuts in the 70/80's were obligitary, you wouldn't have wanted to look different now would you?? Phew, think got away with that!! Mum xxx

Lou said...

I'll remind you of that when nursing homes become the fashion in 20 years or so! ;)

kim & co. said...

I can't get over how much Emily looks like you! Fun pictures :)