Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Plane Spotting For The Grumpy!

With yesterday being a Bank Holiday and Emily being at her Nanna's, we decided to take Xander on a little excursion. He's always loved seeing planes in the sky and, as he's going on one very soon, we thought we'd have a run out to the airport to show him what planes are like close up.

The thing with Xan at the moment is, he's at that age where he likes NOTHING! Everything is a complete trauma for him, he can't decide between hot and cold milk without a full on hissy fit on the kitchen floor! So maybe thinking our little boy would love the airport was a tad naiive!

We took him to the end of the runway with all the other plane spotters and pointed to all the planes on the ground and talked about how we were going to see how they got into the sky, he seemed vaguely interested:

Then the first plane came taxiing down the runway: 'Er, daddy, what on earth is that? Planes are little small things in the sky aren't they?!'

OK, so we forgot how noisy planes are when they're taking off and you're stood 200ft from them! OK, this idea wasn't so good!
So thinks we, why don't we go to the terminal and show him round and he can watch the planes taking off from somewhere with double glazing? Nope, not impressed! He did however seem to like this plane ride and sat for a few moments going 'Oh mummy, pleeeeeaaaasssseeee!'
So, I gave in and popped in the 50p, cue child sat on a moving ride screaming hysterically! Er, WTF?! So in the end we didn't see any planes taking off from the terminal as they tend to be very echoey and my child's screams are very loud.
We did salvage some of the trip though and went to the famous Murgatroyd's fish and chip shop where Xander proved that he's just like his mother, chips will always shut him up!
So, any ideas on just how I get this little person on a plane in less than 3 weeks time would be greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

A high dose of Calpol and some whisky in his milk?

Lou said...

I ain't sharing my whisy with no-one!

Rach said...


Rach said...

A splif perhaps?

Hmmmmmm not very helpful am I!