Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Someone Restore My Faith!

***RANT ALERT!!!****

I'm having a complete and utter career crisis!

As many of you know, I've been working towards becoming a teacher for a couple of years now. I'm coming to the end of my degree and looking at training possibilities and it just seems like all the cards are stacked against me. I don't recieve my degree classification until December, so can't start training this September like all the normal students. So, I was looking at starting in January; that was until the only college round here to do a January start cancelled it! So, I now have to wait a year before I start.

OK, so I thought I'd look at working in school temporarily for a year and have applied for a couple of TA jobs. Trouble is, they'll cost me more in childcare than I'll actually learn (TA's wage is appalling for everything they do!).

On top of all that, I am sick of people* telling me that teacher training is hard (of course it's bloody hard, it's post graduate!) and that there's too many applicants for each job (so is the training hard or not then, because if there's a lot of applicants then it can't be that bad if ALL those people are getting through it!).

My beef is, where's the support? Why does everyone always have to knock you down? I'm trying to improve myself here and go and do something worthwhile and all people can do is knock it. I just feel like jacking it in and phoning McDonalds!

Plus the fact that I've been in school today and they've been little horrors! I've also been asked to go on the school trip tomorrow to lend a pair of (free) hands, but the head says I have to find my own way there! So I have to work for free and pay the petrol money!

Next time I see one of those adverts on TV asking for teachers I'm throwing something at it!


* Obviously plenty of people reading this will not fit into this category, lots of you are great about it! ;)


Elizabeth (from GUCH) said...

Hi, Lou

Teacher training is hard (I did it 10 years ago, my sister's doing it now): that's full-time PGCE for secondary teaching I know is hard. It's hard not because of the academic level but because of the enormous workload and pressure of doing an academic course, learning to teach, preparing lessons, marking, constantly being observed and attempting to look like you know what you're doing in front of a room full of kids who know perfectly well you don't...

It's full-on in term-time. But will fit in well with the kids in that you have the same holidays and can spend time with them then. Though my mum was a teacher and worked most evenings and weekends in term-time and a fair amount in the holidays too. If you're going for primary then it may be different (though I don't suppose there's a lot less work these days with all the bureaucracy - maybe less marking...!)

That's not to say don't do it. Far from it - if it's your thing then you'll love it. And I hope you really do. My view is that to properly enjoy being a teacher you need to get a kick out of seeing people learn, and enjoy the relationships you have with the children. I don't have that and don't teach except occasionally adults at work (I'm a tax advisor); my sister has her NQT job lined up and is really excited and looking forward to it. I learnt such a lot on my PGCE which I've used since even though I hated it most of the time!

Must be really frustrating to be out of step with the academic year: you'll just have to get yourself a place on a course really early on so you know what you're doing! :-)

As for why so many people do it...? It's a stable career, can combine well with kids, there are always vacancies (though fewer in a recession since everyone decides to try it out), if you finish the course you'll probably pass (those who aren't going to pass will drop out: it's too tough to carry on when you know you're failing), not bad money... And I guess a few actually like kids ;-)

Best of luck, email me if you want.

Juicy3675 said...

oi lady.. Rant over, up you get now.

Y'know.. sometimes people knock you down just to see if you have that fight in you to get up and come back for some more.. to make it.

You and I both know you do, so get them big girl panties on and get on with it ;)

Big hugs

nikki said...

first visit to your blog this post really needs some hugs (((((hugs))))) things like this make me so mad - hope it all sorts out for you. Nikki (girls with stash :))