Wednesday, 27 May 2009

When The Crafty Fairy Comes To Visit (no thanks to the Royal Mail!)

Oooh, lovely crafty goodness!

Yesterday, I popped over to my fave craft shop to spend some of my birthday money on a longed for crafty treat. I've been eyeing up a wheelie crafty tote for a while now to keep all my craft junk in but so far, the pennies haven't stretched that far. However, I was very lucky this birthday and got more money than I thought so decided to invest. So here is my new baby:

Look how sophisticated it is. And you unzip a few things and voila, oodles of storage space:
And even better, unzip a bit more and oooooohhhhhhh, it's like a tardis:

I love it so much (and Rob loves the fact that my junk is tidied away!).
Then today, postie came to call with a parcel for me. I took part in a birthday swap over at UKS, but nothing arrived on my birthday. The lady who was sending to me was so upset as she'd posted in plenty of time, but it seems the good old Royal Mail likes to keep it's customers for well over a week (seriously, could have walked down the country and picked it up quicker!)
Anyway, it was so worth the wait, thank you Helen! She'd made me a beautiful card:
And sent me enough scrapping stash to last me a year:
It is just so gorgeous! Problem is, I think I need another wheelie tote to fit it all in! Now which child to stick on eBay....


Helen said...

Pleased you like the present Lou, and the tote is lovely, a very good day (at last). Laughing at the plane spotting visit. My brother was obsessed with plane toilets at that age and regularly made 10 visits in a 2 hour flight which distracted him from all other aspects of the flight. Maybe you could focus on something like the food ( I know it's rubbish but I used to love the way it came in little dishes) or the goody bag they normally give children and not discuss the noise. Planes are so big he probably won't relate going inside one to what he saw anyway.

Juicy3675 said...

Did someone say tardis???

Do you get a free Tennant with your tardis bag cos if you do I'm gonna have to buy 2..or 3.. or.. Oooh the possibilities are endless!!!!

I think I need to sit down... o_O