Friday, 8 May 2009

I Suppose It Had To Happen...

So, check up with the dicky ticker docs yesterday. I ran into my cardiologist in the corridor with a Costa coffee in my hand, aaarrrggghhh!!! 'It's decaff I swear!' I declared before he could open his mouth (then I remembered this was the guy who told me to go and get hammered at Xmas!). Anyway, was nice to see him even though he is a little scary these days, blokes who give you messages of doom tend to have that effect!

Anyway, I ended up seeing his registrar, the wonderful Petra (er, she does have a Dr name but we never get to that!). After hugs and discussions on the joys of Primarni, we got down to the nitty gritty. She showed me my last CT scan which was weird. The CT takes pictures in slices from the hips up and it's very weird seeing hip bones, then lungs, then liver (which is suprisingly healthy! :P) then this old ticker of mine. Was really weird seeing my stent with all it's little tenticles gripping on for dear life!

Anyway, good news was that it all looked fine and after a little listen, the bloods flowing nicely and the ticker's still beating, which is always a winner! But, a trip to the hospital is never complete without a down side. Well, I say a down side, it's really more of an inevitability.

My blood pressures been all over the place lately: up and down and varying from one arm to the next. Anyway it's now not going to get better on it's own but they need to get it under control, so I'm now on medication. I've been very lucky, 12 1/2 years from diagnosis and it's the first time I've had to be drugged (apart from the cocktails you get when you board with them!) but it's still a little defeat in a way. So, pill popping for the rest of my life now but if it makes my BP stable then that's a good thing.

I also have some scarring on my right lung from the pneumonia which is causing the odd bit of breathlessness. So I also now have an inhaler to help with that.

The most gauling thing was having to pay over £14 for the blooming prescriptions (no wage, no benefits student with a life long illness and I still have to pay, I can feel a rant coming on!).

Anyhoo, thought I'd update you all, I know how you all love my gory medical details! :P

Have a good weekend everyone! x

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