Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Happy Birthday Cus!

You know you're getting old when your 'baby' cousin hits 30!

My lovely cousin (and soon to be bride, 18 days, eeek!) Laura has hit the big 30 today. She was always the little one who we used to pick on, launch 'bean bag attacks' on and convince we had phsycic powers! And now she went and got all grown up and is a 30-something! Add to that she's getting married in just over 2 weeks and produced Xander's little playmate Evie a couple of years ago, and I'm guessing there'll be no more 'bean bag attacks' on her anymore (she'd probably lamp me one these days!)

Anyway, at the crop on Saturday, I made her a little present. I'd gathered together some pics from the hen do a couple of weeks back and I made her this book:

It's the first time I've ever done one of these 'word' scrapbooks but I had loads of fun doing it! Didn't take pics inside but there's lots of pics, badges from the day, betting slips etc.

So, happy birthday my little cus, love ya even though you're cracking on a bit! x

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