Monday, 2 February 2009

When I Were A Lass...

How many times have I heard that today? (And mainly out of my mouth!)

It's corny but we did used to get proper snow when I was a child; and we got it regularly every winter. Nowadays it seems they forecast a bit of snow, everyone gets excited, 3 flakes fall and the whole country grinds to a halt. To say snow is a big anti-climax in England these days is an understatement....until now!

Not once but twice now this winter we've had real snow! We had our first snowday back before Christmas, which resulted in the kids very first snow(wo)man. And would you Adam & Eve it, it's happened again! The forecasters have stuck to their word and it's bucketing it down, and it's only going to get worse! Hurray!! OK, so school's shut and that means I get zero studying done today; and poor old Rob's had to trail into work (with a car full of tea and blankets!) as he's on a contract and gets paid by the hour; and the kids are insisting on watching Christmas films as it's snowing. But, I get the feeling it'll be a long time until we see 'proper' snow again so we're relishing in it.

Emily insisted we all go out in it this morning; so me, her and Xander got wrapped up and went for a walk down the road. At first, we were a bit worried Xander would disappear in the snow...
We live opposite a wood and it looks fantastic in snow, so I took the camera along with us.

We had lots of fun, but soon toes, fingers and noses were frozen so we headed back.And just in time: when we reached the botttom of our street it started bucketing it down again:Which of course meant a quick game of 'catch the snowflake with your tongue':So, we're now all toasty and warm back at home again; though I still can't feel a couple of toes yet! And this afternoon, there's a promise of Frosty mark 2; I'm just hoping Rob makes it back through the blizzard so he can go and help out!


Marie said...

No Fair!! *stamps feeting in a terrible twos-esque tantrum*


Pah! I'm not your friend any more......unless you let me come and live at your house this week ;)

(great pics btw ;))


Lou said...

Marie - you can come over as long as you don't bring the kids and I can send my lot round to yours in exchange for you! :P

Rach said...

Fab snow - we don't have quite so much here, but it is still coming down now and more is forecast.

Cameron and Grandad have been out in it, building a snowman.

I'm just glad we're not doing a mad dash to hospital in labour today!

Juicy3675 said...

you jammy bugger!! we didn't get that much here, poor kids had to go to school and all they wanted to do was play out!!! hopefully we'll get some more this afternoon and we can play all day tomorrow! LOVE the pics. x