Saturday, 14 February 2009

Yes Mrs Gillard!

This teaching thing is actually starting to seem like a bit of a reality these days. I've been working in school for a while now and I've now started applying for training (with an interview in 9 days, woohoo!).

Anyway, the teacher I work with, Anouska, has been brilliant at supporting me. She's emailed me over notes, taught me the 'buzz' words in teaching, and is gearing my days in school around getting as much different experience with as many different levels of kids as possible.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago when it snowed really heavily, we only had 4 pupils in our class; and so she left me to do a little project with them. The kids have been learning about traditional tales and one of the stories they've been focusing on is Shrek. So, me and the children made some wallpaper for Shrek's house (because of course, with Fiona living there it needed a feminine touch!). Anyway, Anouska took some photos of me working with the kids and emailed them over the other day so I can put them in my teaching portfolio for interviews.

I just had to share me being 'Mrs Gillard'; I love it! Obviously I have to be careful what I publish of the kids so apologies for the blanked out faces. However, you can still tell they're paying attention to me; now why can't I get my own kids to do that!

Measuring out the 'repeat' pattern:

Getting the swamp coloured paint rollered up (though the boys did convince her it wasn't swamp coloured but gold! Bless 'em!)

Our super designer one of a kind wallpaper!
However, I am never going to be a teacher if I sit blogging all day and don't crack on with this assignment!


Tara said...

Congratulations Mrs. Gillard!

trasha said...

good luck with the job interview.