Sunday, 22 February 2009

An Early Birthday

OK, I know; it's been ages between posts yet again! I've been told off by Jen for making her coffee breaks dull so thought I'd better get a post on before I lose all by blog readers! In my defense, I've been wrestling with half term, assignments, preparing for interviews, making wedding invites and tonnes of other stuff so have not been sat on my bum (ha, chance'd be a fine thing!).

Anyway, it's the start of another busy week but it's packed with good stuff. This week is Emily's 7th birthday but, as she's forgone a party in favour of a big present, we had a family Sunday lunch today instead. Rob did an excellent job at cooking us up a feast:

And of course there was cake; baked by Costco but decorated by yours truely:

Emily was very happy:

And requested an extra large piece (like mother like daughter!):

Here's Em with Great Grandad Ron and Nanna:

With Grandma:

With Auntie Gemma and Uncle Dave:

And cuddling up to Xan:

There's a few more birthday things planned this week, including a shopping trip and going out for lunch. And of course, the constant shock to me and Rob that our baby girl's 7 and wondering how on earth that happened!


Anonymous said...

the shock extends to aunties and uncles too, how can she be 7 already????? it seems only 2 minutes ago she was a quite little baby sat smiling at everyone ... not talking ... quiet...

kim & co. said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!

I love the cake--I hope that someday my daughter will want a cake that doesn't have a princess involved.

Juicy3675 said...

awwwwwwwwwwww hope she had a brilliant birthday, she certainly looks happy anyway!! big hugs to my little mate xx