Thursday, 30 April 2009

Picture Of The Day!

My auntie just sent me through some pictures of Laura's hen do, and on there has to be the picture of the day.

I'd been for my first ever spray tan the day before and it had gone a bit patchy on my legs. I was a bit panicky as I had to wear a dress so my future cousin-in-law's sister came to my rescue with a can of self tan. Not wanting to get it on any carpets and as the bathroom was occupied, she took me outside and this is the site that greeted the neighbours!

Just a couple of group shots to share too. This is us all at my auntie's house before we set off:

And once we met up with the other hen party (it was joint with Laura's best friend Adele) at the races:

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Marie said...

LOL @ you with your spray tan. You're so uncouth woman!