Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter So Far...

So, Easter so far in the Garlic household.

Thursday I went with the kids to see my friend Jane. Actually, truth be told, I went to see my friend Jane's MASSIVE new extension (won't be posting pics as wouldn't want to spread the huge house envy I am currently possessing!) but it was lovely to see Jane and her gorgeous girls Jessica and Annabel. Our friend Maureen popped over aswell with her daughter Alyssa, and it gave us a rare opportunity to get all the kids together for a photo op (what a blooming photogenic bunch we produced between us!):

Yesterday we started 'Intensive Potty Training 101' with Mini G. We've been on 'Potty Training Halfarsed' for a while now, but thought we'd take advantage of a 4 day weekend to try and drill it into the lazy young man that we can't all just wee on demand, sometimes a quick 2 seconds to get to the toilet is in order! So, new potty was bought (which he seemed to quite like):

Choice of pants were provided:

And off we went. Have we had any potty wee yet? Er, well no! But we've had a great big poo, so we're taking the victories where we can (as we carry on washing the wet pants!).

Rob's been getting a few household jobs done. We've finally decided to treat the decking (it's only been 5 years!), so yesterday afternoon he had the joyous task of scrubbing it to get all the crud off:

We're hoping for dry weather tomorrow so we can actually treat it (like how I keep saying 'we'; I ain't going anywhere near that decking unless it's on a sunlounger with a G&T!).
Today I've been to my first ever scrapbooking crop (well, not counting my 'chocolateandwineandmaybetheoddlayout' night with the lovely Lauren!). It was lovely and I managed to get lots done in my 6 1/2 hours of nothing but scrapping (er, can we say B L I S S?!). Here's a finished project for this week's UKS challenge. Love this pic of Em:
And I used my lovely new scrapping book and did some hidden pop-ups in there too:

So, quite hectic so far. Hopefully tomorrow's a lazy-ish day (well, apart from revision, decking painting, fence painting and Sunday dinner making, but that is quiet for us!). The kids have a ridiculous amount of Easter eggs so I am going to try and be a good mum and maybe help them out on that front!
Hope everyone has a lovely Easter! :)

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Anonymous said...

Xander looks most unimpressed at the selection of pants laid out for him!

Auntie Gem