Friday, 24 April 2009

And To Think...

...if Rob had committed a serious crime 10 years ago today and not married me, he'd probably have been out by now!

Yes, today me and the Bobbins have been married for a whole decade. I'm sure there'll be a few blog readers who were actually there who are thinking '10 years? Never!', so you can imagine what it's like at this end!

I'm quite amused by how our plans to celebrate our first big milestone have changed somewhat over the years:

April 1999: On honeymoon in Las Vegas - "Let's come back here and renew our vows in 10 years"

April 2007: 2 kids later - "Hmmm, Las Vegas may be a bit far for the kids, why don't we save up/get a loan/sell a child and go to New York for the weekend?"

February 2008: on the announcement that my sister was getting married in Antigua - "Hmmm, New York then Antigua within a few weeks? May seem a bit flash, why don't we just go away for the weekend in this country?"

January 2009: on the announcement that my cousin Laura is having her hen weeeknd this weekend - "Quick pint down the local then?!"

Well OK, we are going to a lovely Thai restaurant for a meal, but it's a good 6,000 miles nearer than Las Vegas! Oh how the times change!


Trina said...

lol thats having kids for you!

Juicy3675 said...

congratulations to you both, i hope you're having a fab day. xxx

Julie said...

Happy 10th Anniversary, it's my 10th this year too.
Julie x

Julie said...

oops, I got it wrong, I'm wishing the years away, it's my 10th NEXT year. lol
Julie x