Sunday, 5 April 2009

Viva Flam Vegas!!

We've had a lovely weekend. A few weeks ago, I won the use of a house in Flamborough on the East coast, so on Friday off we went along with Ally, Steve and Elise. It was a bit of a dodgy start, namely bad traffic, grey clouds, no TV (to quote Emily: "How is anyone supposed to survive 2 whole days without a tv!" The youth of today eh?) and a local Chinese that didn't seem to open, but once the wine started flowing and the kids had FINALLY gone to bed, we started to enjoy ourselves.

The forecast was dreadful for Saturday, but we didn't let that deter us and set off to Bridlington wrapped up in scarves, coats and gloves. When we got there we took advantage of a virtually empty beach and Rob and Steve gave the kids a lesson in a spot of stone skimming:

Or in Xander's case, stone dunking:
And then he got a tad confused as to which stone was his:
But hang on a minute, what's that in the background? Not the grey wet clouds that we were promised, but could it be sun:

You're flinging flanging right it is! So, we had a walk into Brid, and slowly gloves came off, then scarves, then coats and the next thing we're sat at a cafe toasting ourselves! 9 degrees and raining? Pah, we got blooming sunburn!
The plan was to get the little train that I used to ride as a kid up to the park at Sewerby, but unfortunately they've stopped running it (childhood memories shattered!) so we drove up to Sewerby instead. The hall and zoo were amazing! Elsie certainly enjoyed herself:

And the draw of the day had to be the penguins:

We did have quite a hairy moment when a couple of penguins decided to rectify their 'threatened' species status, but luckily we managed to divert the kids attention for a few minutes!
We saw lots of other animals, including wallabies (or wobblies as my sister used to call them), llamas, peacocks and these emus (or were they ostriches, can never tell):

We then went to visit the great hall, which was lovely. We also had a bit of a rest outside and the kids decided to do a spot of daffodil picking (though we're not convinced that was exactly allowed!):

After that, the kids were shattered so we went back to the house for a Chinese and to have a rest after all that sea air.
Today was another glorious day and we had tickets for Sealife in Scarborough. It's been decades since I've been to Scarborough and I didn't realise how lovely it was:

There were some great things to see in the Sealife Centre, these jellyfish were fab:

And the kids loved the seals:

Everyone then went on a shark hunt:

And Emily had a chat with some seahorses:

We finished off the weekend with a walk along the front, where a nice passerby offered to take a pic of us all. I think this is the first ever pic we've had all together:

So, it was a really lovely weekend. Thanks so much to Ally and Steve (and of course my little buddy Elise) for coming with us. Viva Flam Vegas!!


Marie said...

Glad you had a good time hun. That's a cracking photo of all of you - I feel a layout coming on ;)

Bonus that I get a sneak peak of all the places I can go to on my holidays too ;)


Janet F said...

Great photos, looks like you had fun. If you look in my UKS profile gallery, I used the title 'Generations apart...' Thanks again, hope you are well xx