Friday, 10 April 2009

Remembering Eric

I woke up feeling a little sad this morning. Today is the 1st anniversary of our good friend Eric passing away.

I can't believe it's been a year already; it still seems like he'll pop round any minute, or I'll get a crank call from him (Eric, you were a bugger for doing that and you got me every time!).

So today we will be remembering a truely great friend and thinking about his wife, my lovely friend Ann, who will be finding today so tough. However, she has a good family round her to support her and me and Emily called in to give her huge hugs yesterday. Tomorrow she's going up to the Angel Of The North to lay flowers. Every year, Ann and Eric would take a trip up to Gatehead for the weekend as our Eric was a bit of a shopaholic, and the Angel statue would always symbolise the start of the weekend.

So, here's thinking about you Eric, we miss you.


Rach said...

{{{HUGS}}} hun xx

Anonymous said...

Can't believe it is a year since Ann lost her beloved Eric!! At least they had some fantastic memories and the Angel of the North will always be significant to Ann and her family. Lots of love xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to say the previous comment from "Anonymous" is in fact me, Carol, Louise's mum xx

Ann said...

How thoughtful of you to remember Eric on your blog - and the picture is lovely.
The anniversary has been very hard, but I have got through with the support of my wonderful family and friends - it means so musch to know just how you all care.
Lots of love