Monday, 13 April 2009


I have been informed this morning that Emily's life just isn't fair. I was talking to her this morning about today's plans and that, as mummy had to revise for her big exam next week, that she was going to go shopping with Daddy. I was told that this was simply not fair, why should Emily have to go and do boring shopping just because Mummy had to revise.

Hmmm, thinks I, maybe Emily does have a very unfair life. After all, it was only last week that I dragged her to the shops so she could choose this Easter egg from the money that Great Grandad had sent her:

And waking up yesterday morning to this sight must have seemed like such an injustice to the poor girl:
Maybe it's just because I'm a really bad mummy and never do anything with her, like making Easter bonnets:

Maybe it's the trip to the cinema tomorrow?
Or having to go and get spoilt rotten at Nanna's for a few days this week?
Or her play date with Gracie on Friday?
Or the impending holiday?
Or the fact she's going to be a bridesmaid?
Oh what have I done? The poor girl may aswell be in Oliver Twist at this rate, my poor unfortunate hard-done-by little girl!


Tinker said...

LOL Lou that is sooo funny. Make the most of it while she's cute. In a few years time it will irritate you beyond anything you can comprehend now. Lovely easter hats by the way. :)

Trina said...

LOL that made me giggle! I feel a layout coming on!

Trina xx