Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Contoller's In His Den

Some days these munchkins just warm your cockles don't they?

Finally, finally, finally this morning, Xander did a wee on his potty! HURRAH!! Completely unsupervised too (though he did forget to take his pants down first), I just went in and voila! there was a potty full of wee. We went shopping this morning to get him some shoes for the weddings, so I treated him to this for being such a good boy on his potty:

He's spent all lunchtime running round the room shouting 'All aboard!'. Bless him!
Once I had him down for his nap, I sat down on my computer to find an email from Emily (bless these kids, in my day we communicated through 2 yogurt pots and a piece of string!). She's been at her Nanna's since Tuesday and they wanted to send me some pictures. Yesterday, she went to a bird sanctuary and built her own den, how cool is that? Maybe I can set her about building me a craft room next!

She also went to the theatre last night with Nanna to see Bugsy Malone. House building and nights at the theatre? My girl's growing up way too fast! Can't wait to see her tomorrow; she might be a little diva but I'm missing her terribly. :(
Right, lots to do before the Wee Controller wakes up!

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Rach said...

Yay Xander, he's doing great! Looks very cute in his outfit too!

Sounds like Emily is having a great time xx