Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sand & Water Play!

We finally got round to giving Xander his Easter present on Monday. Rob had been on with the decking so we couldn't really get it out until that was finished. Anyway, we bought him a sand and water play table so he can get out there and make a good old mess! Only thing was, who knew sand weighed so blooming much? Took me ages to pour it in. However, Xan is more than happy with his alternative Easter egg!
Mummy's been messing about with water too. This week's Scrap Like You Mean It from UKS was to scrap 'on the edge'. Again, I got out my absolutely favourite new book that I ordered from the States after seeing Rach's copy (what did I ever do without that book?!):
So, for this one I used a technique in there with water. You machine sew the paper or card close to the edge, then wet the paper edge up to the stitching and roll the paper in, leave to dry and voila! I did a layout for my mum's scrapbook as haven't done her one for ages; it's a picture of us all at Christmas:
I'm taking a bit of a scrapping break for now. Have my exam in a week and, although the scrapping has been giving me some light relief at the end of a day revising, I'm pretty shattered so am going to spend my evenings crashed on the sofa with some mindless trash on telly! Never fear though, the scrapping shall return in 8 days time!


Rach said...

Gorgeous LO hun, fab effect. Really must have another look through my copy of the book xx

Marie said...

That LO is stunning hun, I can't wait to see this book. Don't forget to pack it!

Bless Billy Jim with his sand pit. He's looking so big... and I get to have in-person squishes tomorrow! Woo hoo!


Julie said...

Fab LO. Hope you're keeping well.
Julie x