Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Where Did The Time Go?

Expect very quick blog posts for a couple of weeks. 2 weeks today I'll just be going into my exam and I'm cramming like mad at the moment! It's the one I missed when I was in hospital last year, so I've had to get ahead with this year's subject so I can now take time off to go back and revise last year's (confused? try being in my head at the moment!). Add to that that it's fallen right at the Easter holidays and it all gets even more complicated. Thankfully, Xander's not here 3 days a week and Emily's been quite good entertaining herself. She's at mum's today and going to her Nanna's for a few days next week, so hopefully I'll be able to get it done.
Anyhoo, managing to do some scrapping at night, helps clear my head after taking in prepositional phrases and mytonomy all day (?!). So, here's my latest layout; it's from the UKS Scrap Like You Mean It challenge, this week it was to scrap something hidden.
Some of you may have seen the photoframe in Xander's room, it's one of those 'Baby's 1st Year' ones, with a picture of every month of his first year of life. Anyway, wanted to scrap this idea for a while and I'd seen an idea in a book about putting them on a wheel, so here's my gorgeous little man:
And the hidden element: lift up the bottom half of the circle for a pic of Xan on his first birthday:
Right, back to it - coffee, Oreos, cram!


Rach said...

LOVE it Lou!! I immediately thought of that book for ideas on the challenge, that looks fab xxx

Good luck with the revision xxx

Marie said...

Lovin' the layout. You're on a roll missus and putting me to shame with your scrapping output!

Good luck with the studying.


Jaime said...

WOW!! what a neat idea - i love how it turned out!!