Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A What Cake Cooked In A What?!!

Yesterday, I decided to try something new in the baking department. I made a cake from a new recipe book I got last week. What's in it? Carrot and parsnip! Yes, that's parsnip as favoured in a Sunday Roast, but not really top of a cake ingredients list! But, why on earth not, thought I'd give it a go!

Then, the other unusual thing about this recipe. Did I stick it in a cake tin and bang it in the oven? No, where would the fun be in that? It went in the slow cooker for a few hours! Don't know if I've missed something all these years but I've never heard of cooking a cake in a slow cooker. So far, my slow cooker experience has been chilli, chilli and chilli; so last week I bought a slow cooker cook book and so far, it's been pretty successful. The other night I made Italian sausage stew which was absolutely beautiful, so when I saw they did puddings, I thought I'd trust them!

And the verdict? De-blooming-licicious!

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