Monday, 11 August 2008

Soggy Weekend!

It's been a bit of a wet weekend all in all, but fun none the less!

On Friday we took the kids to Flamingoland which was great! They had lots of rides:

Lots of animals, who at times seemed more curious about us than we were of them:Xander got to see his favourite 'Ish':And Emily's favourite 'Aslans':Xander got his first ever go on a 'proper' theme park ride, which he loved:

So how does this constitute part of a soggy weekend when as you can see, the weather was pretty dry? Well, something possessed me to do this with my daughter; look at the second row from the back (note to self: it's fine having a hood, but they tend to blow off when you're hurtling down a shoot at 100mph!!):

The other part of our soggy weekend was on Saturday. We got 24 hours kid free and headed off to Marie's house for a music festival in the town square. One problem with outdoor festivals: they don't do too well when it's bucketing it down!! We did brave a couple of bands but did spend most of the day in the pub trying to keep dry!! Now obviously, this was no great hardship, but it was a shame that the festival was a bit of a washout. It was really nice though to spend a kid free day with Marie, and her hubby Kendo and some of Marie's friends (hi Paula and Karen!!).

Afterwards, we went back to Marie and Kendo's where Marie kicked my behind on Guitar Hero! Alas I shall never be a rockstar!

All in all, it's been a lovely weekend; though I'm planning on staying much drier for the rest of the week!!

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