Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Pilot Heroes & Biker Chicks

You may have noticed that there's been a distinct lack of scrapbooking going on on the Garlics lately. Of course, I'm not to blame; it's all Marie and Lauren's fault! Firstly, my weekly scrapbooking crops with Lauren were rudely interrupted by her giving birth (Abi, I love you, but me and mummy have to scrap, it's the law!). Of course, I still have my online crops with Marie, but lately she's been making me gossip and drink wine whilst chatting on MSN instead; Marie, it's not on woman! :P

However, I have actually manage to soldier on and complete my first layout in nearly 4 weeks! You may remember a few weeks ago I blogged about Grandad's RAF reunion. Well, it produced some wonderful pictures and so just had to be scrapbooked; plus so many people loved this picture of Xander and his Great Grandad (including me!) that I couldn't resist!
So, this week Rob has taken a week off so we can do some family stuff. We have a couple of days out planned but yesterday we just had a lazy day, including some time at the park. It turned out to be a momentous day as Emily finally got the hang of riding her bike without the stabilisers! Go Emily! It's a good job really; as you can see from the video, the bike's getting way too small for her now and we need to start thinking about asking Santa for a shiny new big girl bike (and they don't come with stabilisers!!)

She now won't get off the bike, which is going to prove difficult when we need to go anywhere!


Marie said...

Hey! There'll be none of this holding me responsible lark missus!

I love, love, love that LO. Great title and as I've said before that photo is perfect.

Go Miss Em on her bike! Grace had a new one last Christmas and I think she's been on it a grand total of about twice. Must rectify that before the "summer" is over!


kim & co. said...

Lou, I love the LO! Well done, Emily, on the bike. We are unfortunately in the same boat as Grace--new bike for the birthday and she's ridden in two or three times (with training wheels) and now says she doesn't need to practice anymore. Guess the extra set of wheels will stay on for awhile.

And beautiful tribute to Reece as well.