Monday, 25 August 2008

In Training For 2012

We've loved watching the Olympics round here over the past couple of weeks so were really sad to see it end yesterday. I can't wait for it to come to England in 2012 and really hope we can get tickets; I've always wanted to go and watch it!
Anyway, I was quite surprised at how Xander took to it; I really thought he was too young to pay much notice but he seems to have loved it! In the past couple of days, I think he's realised that he wants to be an Olympic athlete as he's been practising every time the athletics came on. He comes up, knocks on my knee and says : "Marks" and then does this:

On your marks...

Get set...


He's already broken the Gillard World Record for the 'Round The Dining Table Sprint' and is aiming for gold in the 2009 World Championships in the 'Vaulting Over The Chair Arm' event!

Today's Bank Holiday and Rob's working so it's just been me and the munchkins. This morning, whilst Xander had his nap, Emily and I did some scrapbooking. Emily did 2 layouts, first one of her and Abi:

Then pictures of Grandad's RAF Day:

I finally got a layout finished that was from an ideas Lauren's sister Mandy showed me. Mandy's a scrapbooking teacher in South Africa so obviously has some good ideas! This is a layout of Xander at the Eureka Museum the other week:With a nice bit of stitching on the pockets:So, quite a productive day, which is a good job as this week is going to be busy. Emily is going bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister tomorrow while I study, then off to the seaside with my parents on Thursday. Once that's done and the weekend's been and gone we're back to school! Where does the time go?!


Marie said...

Go Billy Jim!! How long has his hair got? Blimey.

Love, love, love the discovery LO. Those little pockety things look fab.
Miss Em's turning into quite the little scrapper too.


kim & co. said...

Love the pockets! I think I need to borrow that idea (I think I need to do some scrapping period! I had a good spell and then nothing for the last couple weeks.)

I've got a couple little olympians here too--both seem fascinated with the gymnastics--Buggy especially liked the rhythmic ones--I told DH that he'd be the first to compete in the men's ribbon competition, which did not make DH happy :)