Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Round Up!

Almost a week since I last blogged? That's not like me at all these days; I'm usually very keen to waffle on aimlessly!!

In my defense, I have been majorly busy this last week or so. I'm right in the middle of my final project for my English course. It has quite a large percentage mark towards my final degree grading so I'm putting in lots of work to get the best mark I can. So, I've been knuckling down to it and doing lots of research lately; I'm now starting the analysis part which I'm hoping goes well and backs up my argument or I may have to do a bit of quick thinking!!

I also had a bit of a run of domestic goddessness this past week! I did tonnes of baking last week: cakes, muffins, cookies etc; finally got round to doing all those little bits of sewing that have been mounting up (patching up jeans, sewing on buttons etc); blitzed the housework which had been somewhat neglected lately; and got a quilt made for our friends Mandy & Nick's new baby girl Molly!

The weekend was very busy too. Aswell as the aforementioned studying and domesticity, I had the indignity of getting on a bike for the first time in a year! Emily is getting so good on her bike that it's impossible to keep up on foot, so I borrowed Rob's bike to go and follow her around the park. Surprisingly I did only fall off once, but I ached in places I didn't know you could ache the day after!

On Saturday evening we went to Ally and Steve's for some pizza, beer and a bit of a disco in the conservatory; cue the kids completely ignoring the disco and Ally and I dancing round to Duran Duran!

Yesterday was a trip over the Pennines to take Emily to her Nanna's. She's staying there for a few days and doing fun stuff while I get yet more work done! Though how much they'll be able to do with this blooming weather I don't know!

Right, back to it!

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Marie said...


I've been crap at blog commenting lately *hangs head in shame* Sorry.

Glad you had a good time with Ali 'Andbag and Stevie Sandwich :)