Friday, 8 August 2008

Oh How They Grow!

OK, so we all know that these little munchkins of ours grow up way too quick, but sometimes you have those moments when it really hits home. Like the other day when we went to Eureka! the children's museum. Bless Eureka! it hasn't changed a bit since we were last there 4 years ago, which made for a few moments of de javu when we looked at the pictures. Of course, the presence of Xander was new in the pics, but one element was still there, but looked remarkably different (ie much bigger!!):

Sniff! My little girl's all grown up!

Of course, she loved the museum, lots of things to discover for her ever curious brain! What was quite surprising was how much Xander loved it; we thought most of it would just go over his head but he was fascinated and was into everything:

Today we're off to Flamingoland, no doubt Xander will have a whale of a time practising his animal impressions!

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