Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Debunking A Myth!

So far today I have:

Got 2 kids and myself up, washed and dressed
Done a load of washing
Played 6 rounds of hangman with Em
Made Em a batch of pancakes from scratch
Been to the supermarket
Made a cake
Dewormed the cats
Done the washing up
Caught up on all emails regarding playdates, birthdays etc
Devised a colour coded revision tool
Revised field, tenor, obligation, social distance, semantic domain, lexical choice, nominalisation, theme/rheme and deontic modality

And it's still only 12.15!

There are still a few people out there who think that housewives and/or students sit around all day drinking coffee and watching daytime tv! Ha!

Oh, better add 'written a blog post' to that list! ;)


Rach said...

Go Wonder Woman!!!! :D


Lou said...

LMAO Rach at me doing all that in Wonderwoman's costume! Now that would be a sight! :x

kim & co. said...

Congrats on the productive day! I love those days that I have a list of things to mark off--too many days by noon I have managed to get everyone dressed and out of the disaster we call home, but then its scary to come back to.

Wendy said...

I need a dose of whatever you are drinking. No, nevermind, you like Gin. (YUCK!!!) But hey, ROCK ON. I am glad you had a very productive day. Mr. Peep is having sleep issues again, teeth I think, so I am dragging my hinny behind me. Consequently, I have not been very productive. I think I will hid this post from DH.