Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Onions & Pretzels

What's this? A food related post on the blog that has nothing to do with cakes, muffins or cookies?!

Yesterday was definately a day for savoury flavourings!

My son has strange taste! After I'd picked him up from nursery, we popped to the Co-Op to buy some onions. Xander had great fun, helping me pick them then carrying them back to the car. He then sat and held them all the way home, took them in the house, kept tight hold while I took off his shoes, still keeping hold when I put Playhouse Disney on. Eventually he put them on the floor infront of him so I picked them up and put them in the kitchen - BIG mistake! Cue screams, tantrums, beating of fists until I eventually handed them back and he continued to hug them! Strange boy! Know what to get him for his birthday now.

Then, last night, I went for my first ever trip to Costco with my friend Cheryl. OMG! Now, for theose blog readers over the pond, Costco's probably no big thing, but I've never seen anything like it in this country! Rob and I have been to the US several times and always love the supermarkets; as soon as I walked in this place I said to Cheryl 'I feel like I'm in an American supermarket'. It even smelt like an American supermarket! Then I got to all the American style food; it was HUGE! That's what I always love about America, they don't dilly dally about with 'individual' portions; they find the biggest container they can and whack it in!!

After hotfooting it down to the Membership desk to say 'sign me up woman!' I then went back and bought a few treats to take home. First of all a huge back of San Francisco coffee (we both lurve SF!), a family size back of beef jerky for my hubby; and this little tub of pretzels!

Poor Rob didn't know what to try first! I'm already planning another trip down there on payday!


Marie said...

ROFL. That pretzel tub is bigger than Bobbin's head!! There's something just not right about that amount of snack food in one container ;)

Bless Billy Jim with his onion fetish. He'll never get a girlfriend whiffing like that.....hmmmm.... now there's a thought, maybe I should invest in some for Egg?


Tara said...

Lou! You are hilarious. And it's nice to see Xander is just as quirky as Jacob is when it comes to odd fixations (he once held tight to an apple and was horrified when I suggested he EAT it!)

kim & co. said...

LOL! Yes, we like big snacks over here :) My kids can actually go through one of those things of pretzels in less than a month, so maybe we really are piggies.

I'd love to see if Costco in England really is like Costco here and if you have a lot of the same food. It seems to vary quite a bit from one side of the US to the other--we lost our favorite tortillas when we moved to the east coast, which has made the costco experience less than awesome for me lately.

Lou said...

Kim - a tub in a month? We've only had that one a week and it's nearly all gone!!

We're going again on Friday so I will send you pictures of what we buy to see if it's like yours!!