Monday, 4 August 2008

Remembering Reece

When I was first pregnant with Xander, I joined a birthclub online and met 3 other women who have turned out to be really good friends: Marie, Rachel and Wendy. We'd log on every day to talk about our pregnancy woes, plans for the future and excitement when we all found out we were having boys! Eventually, Marie had Ewan, Rach had Cam, I had Xander and Wendy had Reece. Today is Reece's 2nd birthday but also the 2nd anniversary of his passing. :(

To call it tragic is an understatement, I don't think anyone can beleieve it still. I can't even imagine what Wendy and her lovely husband John went through. What made it harder was they live in the US, and so going round and comforting them was impossible and I know all Marie, Rach and I wanted to do was get on a plane and be with them.

However, Wendy and John have coped admirably throughout all this and they have kept Reece's memory alive beautifully. Reece also now has a little brother, Ian, and I know he will be brought up with his big brother firmly in the forground of his mind.

So, today I will be remembering this special little boy and sending all my love to Wendy, John and Ian.

Happy Birthday from Auntie Lou. xx


Birdie said...

Oh Auntie Lou,

Thank you for remembering my son and our family. Your remembrance, love, and friendship mean a lot to me.

Bless you!!

Tara said...

Aw, Lou...that's so sweet.