Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Mini-Me Of Quilts!

There's been quite a bit of quilting happening around here this past week. Our friends Mandy and Nick had a beautiful baby girl, Molly, a couple of weeks ago; so what better excuse to buy tonnes of pink squares and run up a baby quilt!

Once I got started, I realised I had too many squares for one quilt, and so decided to make a mini-me quilt for Molly's big sister Ella, so she could use it for her dolls.

I also had my first ever go at embroidering free hand, by personalising Molly's quilt. Hmmm, the embroidery actually came out OK, the quilting round the edge, not so well! Anyway, she's 2 weeks old, what will she care?!

My next project is to make a 'jeans' quilt. We have enough old denim round here to make quite a big one so hopefully that'll be ready by the time Winter sets in (probably next week the way this Summer's gone!!).


Jaime said...

oh my goodness those quilts are GORGEOUS!! well done!! :)

Tara said...

LOU!!! Beautiful work!

Marie said...

Gorgeous quilty goodness Miss Lou. I love the Mini-me quilt. Too cute :)