Friday, 22 August 2008

Billy, Billy & The Big Bunny!

We've had a lovely afternoon: we went down to Cannon Hall with my neighbour Jill and her son Matthew. It's been a while since Emily and Matthew (who's her age) have had chance to play together so it was good to get them together.

The main attraction down there is the farm. Last time I went, I was pregnant with a certain little bubba so couldn't really stroke or feed the animals. This time I could, and so could that certain little bubba!
He also seemed mightily impressed with what was, quite frankly, the biggest bunny I've ever seen in my life:

However, there were also some teeny tiny bunnies to balance things out a bit:

After a bit of coaxing (and lots of convincing that they wouldn't eat her hand!) Emily got down to feeding the goats:

And this guy queued up for his turn:

And this Billy who looked very curious about our Billy:

A lovely day all in all and thankfully it stayed dry for us! Just one week of the school holidays left now then back to the usual routine; along with having a child in Year 2! Sniff!!

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Marie said...

ROFL at that last picture :)

Glad you had a good day hun.