Sunday, 1 March 2009

They Should Put This Stuff On Prescription!

So, back in the very dark days last year, when I was laid up in HDU feeling not very well at all, there were a few things that got me better. Firstly, there were some great doctors, then the lovely nurses who looked after me. Of course there were a truck load of drugs and equipment that got this rickety old body of mine going again.

But, sometimes you need a bit of something to keep you motivated to get better. One day, my sister came to visit me and said she had something to tell me. She said that she got notice of tickets going on pre-sale, and the day before she'd had an email saying Metallica were going on pre-sale, and she'd just happened to get 2 tickets for me that morning! I swear that heart monitor didn't know what had hit it!

For anyone that doesn't know, I LOVE METALLICA! When I was 14, me and my friend Ali queued for 12 hours to get into their concert and get to the front. And I named my son after the lead singer (well, middle name but it's an honour none the less!). I'd seen them a few times since but that's been at festivals and so physically seeing anything other than a blob on a stage is difficult. So, when the tickets came and it said Row F, I got rather giddy!

I had a bit of a warmup on Thursday when me and the aforementioned Ali went to Manchester to see them. It was fab (I cried when they came on!) but we were 3 rows from the back and were finding it hard to make out the lovely James's face. So last night, off me and Rob trotted to Sheffield, with our Row F tickets, very excited at being 6 rows back. We got a beer and a hotdog and went to find our seats; were we on the sixth row? Oh no! Because Sheffield seating starts at Row E so we were on the second row! How I didn't choke on the hotdog I'll never know!

It was AMAZING! I loved every single second of it and I screamed, sang, clapped along (as the bruise on my palm this morning will testify to!) and did all 'yeah!'s when the mighty James requested them (anything for you James!). I'm also sure that Kirk the guitarist smiled at me again (last time he did when I was 14 and getting dragged out by the sercurity guards before I got crushed!). OK, so he was probably smiling at my whole section but let an old lady have a little fantasy eh?!

So, no Lucozade or bunches of grapes for me in the future, you know now what to bring Lou for a full and speedy recovery!

Me and the mighty James Hetfield!

It's me and Metallica!


Marie said...

OMG! They look actual person-sized on those photos! Which tells me just how close you really were. Glad you had a good time hun.


AuntieYan said...

Awwww loved the Matallica pics u lucky girl!
Am still waiting for a proper Blog tutorial of my SIL but am having a go, stay well xxx